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Frequently Asked Questions

Chimney Sweeping is extremely important. Having your chimney swept on a regular basis is vital to prevent fires or risks of breakages. We answer a lot of questions here at and here is a list of the most common ones

General Customer Queries

How often should you have your chimney swept?

Opinions can vary and it can depend on usage but you should have your chimney swept and inspected at least once a year to make sure it is clear from deposits. Cleaning Maintenance and repairs should then be carried out accordingly. Even if you don't use the chimney much there may be nests in the flue which decrease the flue efficiency.

Does a Chimney Sweep leave a mess?

Our professional Chimney Sweeps use equipment that is designed to contain as much soot as is practically possible, meaning any mess should be negligible. Although soot is very fine you should expect 99% containment for flues that are maintained regularly.

Why does my Chimney smell?

This is most likely due to creosote deposits in the chimney. Creosote is a byproduct of wood burning. The odor is usually more noticeable during summer time. A good sweep can help but may not eradicate the problem. There are creosote removal products available that can be used by your certified sweep to get rid of these creosote deposits.

How to know if the chimney is swept completely

This depends on the company chosen for a chimney sweep. If you hire one of our certified sweeps then you will have peace of mind that you are hiring a reputable sweep that works to high standards. Our sweeps will ensure your chimney is properly cleaned.

Questions on Fuel

Do I need my Oil or Gas Flue swept?

Every flue requires cleaning no matter what the fuel type. While all fuel types may not produce soot other issues can occur such as blockages which can produce highly dangerous carbon monoxide gases.

Do chimney logs work?

Chimney cleaning logs should only be used by qualified chimney sweeps.

What is the best fuel to use?

Some appliances will have a recommended fuel and in others there will be no such requirements.
Wood that has been well seasoned will provide good clean heat. If you prefer coal then its recommend to use an approved coal merchant who will be able to advise you on the right type of coal for your appliance.

Which wood should I burn in a stove?

One of the main question a certified sweep gets asked is which wood should I burn in my stove?

All woods burn, but how they burn will vary depending on their density and can impact how your stove operates.

Fast burning wood burns fast as the name suggests which will mean you will burn more wood but will also result in a higher heat output.

Slow burning wood may also burn at a lower temperature which may lead you to think that your stove is not drawing sufficiently.

All wood should be seasoned for at least 24 months and its best to never burn wood with a moisture element above 20%

Its preferable to not buy wood that is stored in a plastic bag or where the wood is open to the elements

How different woods burn

Apple - burns slowly with a good flame. Moderate heat output.

Ash - fast burning with good heat output.

Beech - burns similar to Ash.

Birch - burns quickly and produces a strong heat output.

Horse Chestnut - has a strong flame and good heat output

Chestnut - has a small flame and weak heat output.

Oak - is a hard wood which burns very slowly with low to moderate heat output.

Cedar - good heat output and burns well

Sycamore - burns with a good flame and moderate heat output.

Rowan - slow burning with a high heat output.

Plum - good heat output with the added benefit of a nice aromatic sent.

Pine - generally burns with a good flame and good heat output, but can spit.

Pear - burns with good heat and a good scent with no spitting.

Maple - good solid all round firewood with good heat output.

Hawthorn - high heat output and slow burning.

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